Top 10 Common New Sugar Baby Questions

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 sugar baby dating As with any niche dating site for rich people, you're bound to run into all sorts of problems as a newbie to online dating apps. If you don't adequately address these issues, there's no doubt that you won't be able to find a suitable partner on a dating site, and for a sugar baby, you won't be able to find a sugar daddy in USA who will love her.

Before you start looking for a date, read through these 10 common sugar baby date questions to help you find a better one:

# 1. Is there anything wrong with my profile?

Perhaps. If you haven't been contacted by a sugar daddy, review your profile. First, check your profile below to see if your avatar is hard. At least one full-length photo, a recent photo and a photo of you in an evening dress. You should look beautiful everywhere, so don't go looking for a professional photographer. Blurry quality makes you look less attractive, so it's better to pay a professional photographer to take your blurry pictures than to use a mobile phone.

About your profile - focus on what you can give your dad, not what you can get. Although you may want to get an allowance from your sugar daddy, don't be too direct.

# 2. I still don't have a sugar daddy! Maybe it's just not for me?

You know better if you're right for the job.

But anyway, calm down and be patient! In fact, finding a real sugar daddy isn't easy. Finding the right man can take months, if not years. So when you're looking for a guardian, make sure you have other resources to fall back on.

# 3. Is this a salt daddy?

Sweetheart dates - no, but some so-called "sugar daddies" are liars. Don't agree to have sex before your allowance, and don't share your personal and payment information with a man who might screw you up. You can read this article on how to spot scammers on sugar daddy dating sites.

# 4. Can someone teach me?

Not at all. You're not at school. If you want to find out more about dating, go online, read blogs, watch the video, and get comments from other girls and dads. If you want to learn more about how to date sugar daddy, you can also find a sugar sister on sugar daddy's dating site and ask her for some helpful advice.

#5. Is sex obligatory?

Well, there's a Platonic relationship, but it's rare. Rich men look for a relationship without commitment and rarely see one without sex. He spends money on you, buys extravagant gifts, pays your tuition, and you expect him to just want a Platonic relationship with you?

# 6. Can I only communicate with my sugar daddy online?

It's not a relationship if you read about it somewhere -- forget it, it's a lie. In addition, if you only engage in "online relationships," you are likely to encounter scammers. Sooner or later, he (or even she) will ask you for payment details, allegedly to give you a gift. But seriously, who would do that?

# 7. Where to meet a sugar mummy?

This is as rare as looking for Platonic relationships. The problem is that women still earn less than men, and women tend to get lower positions. So a real sugar mummy is scarce. You're more likely to encounter a "sugar mummy" profile - a liar - than the real one.

# 8. When do I get my allowance?

When you talk to your father. That should only be before sex, not after. Of course, you can also sign a contract after you have confirmed the arrangement. You need to negotiate the details of your allowance and other pocket money, in order to avoid losing both money and people.

# 9. When should I bring up the question of pocket money?

As soon as possible after the first private meeting. If he doesn't bring it up, you do. Otherwise, you may not notice how you got into the hands of a con man. A lot of sugar babies think that like prostitutes, they need to serve customers and then ask them for money. As a result, you are likely to encounter a salt daddy.

# 10. How much should I ask?

It's up to you. You can also decide whether you want weekly or monthly payments and gifts.

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